Langedijk is a municipality located in the Westernmost Dutch province of North Holland. It is situated in the Stadsregio Amsterdam, which makes up a larger metropolitan area. The municipality is bordered by the North Sea, the IJsselmeer, the polder of Marken, the Markermeer, the lake of Beemster, and the lake of Oosteinder. It covers an area of around 33.84 square kilometres and has a population of around 18,500 people.

The centre of the municipality is the town of Langedijk, where the local government, shops, and the local market are located. The town is known for its beautiful countryside, featuring rolling fields, dense groves, and traditional windmills. Other smaller towns in the municipality include Noord-Langedijk, Diever, Stompetoren, Santpoort-Noord, and Luttelgeest.

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